FREDEnergy (FRED) The ALTCoin for Alternative Energy

Funding Research into Energy Devices
Promoting alternative energy generation


    There are engineers, scientists and hobbyist inventors developing technologies that will one day release us from fossil fuel reliance. The main problem many of them face is the lack of resources or funds to fully realise their inventions. Our aim is to collaborate with these technology developers and with community consensus, create partnerships and provide funding for projects that could change the energy system we know today.

  • We will collaborate and create partnerships with engineers, scientists and hobbyist inventors to bring possible energy saving and generation devices to the public
  • We aim to raise awareness to the benefits of alternative energy generation at consumer level and explore the possibilities of new energy devices
  • We want to be the place to go for consumer alternative energy suppliers, distributors and installers through the development of a global directory

The large energy corporations across the world spend billions of dollars each year on research and development, the technology to free us from fossil fuel reliance probably already exists, however, not in our lifetime nor our grandchildren's will this ever be released unless projects such as ours bring it to the mainstream first.

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Facilitate alternative energy use

As our project progresses, we want to help people and their communities move to a greater usage of alternative and green energy sources

Energy Saving/Generation Devices

There exists a growing number of hobbyist engineers and inventors working to produce energy saving and generation devices that could change the world as we know it. We aim to explore and validate some of these device claims and fund promising projects via partnerships to make new consumer devices possible and affordable to all

Promoting alternative energy generation

We are moving into a new era of energy usage where electricity will become the main energy source for consumers. In many developed nations, government policies and initiatives are pushing for cleaner transportation in electric vehicles and it is estimated that the global electric car fleet will rise from 2 million today to 280 million by 2040.

The steady growth in adoption of electric vehicles alone will create a huge demand for electricity with electricity costs expected to rise significantly due to the increased demand.

Further cause for concern is the environmental impact this increased demand will have, and although the forecast is for greener and cleaner electricity generation at supplier level, the industrialisation of developing nations will negate much of the effort by advanced economies to reduce global CO2 emission levels. Consumers having access to affordable alternative or free energy generation devices would massively reduce global CO2 emission levels and the associated climate risks.

We believe that the future is the consumer generating their own electricity.

FRED Tech Specs


Total Supply - 8,080,000,000 Premine 7% - 565,000,000
(10% marketing, 20% Development, 70% energy device project funding)


CN Turtle, CPU & GPU mining

Block Time

120 Second Block Time
Approx 6750 FRED reward reducing over time


Forked from the highly developed TurtleCoin and having similar privacy features as Monero, ByteCoin

How to get started

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Our initial roadmap

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Fredenrg is the founder and CEO of the FRED Project. He had the idea that a cryptocurrency could provide our project with an ideal opportunity to gain traction and credibility within a short space of time. This would enable active promototion of alternative energy generation at the consumer level and provide a way to fund energy generation device projects. With a career spanning over 20 years, he has worked for several global IT corporations as an engineer and consultant on large projects his identity will remain secret for now.


Developer, Advertising, Web Design, Social, Come join us

Mr An

Mr An is our Marketing Director and currently holds positions with other projects as a Strategic Director (CSO), CMO (Marketing Director) and as a Marketer for Stokens. If you would like to discuss marketing FRED, he's your man email