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Our Future Plans

To be a leader in green energy projects on the blockchain

Be recognized as a key player in green energy projects on the blockchain and become a brand associated with green energy that targets consumer needs

KEY Player

Enter the EV charging station market via niche segments and increase market share

EV Charging

Aid in the acceleration of alternative energy usage and generation by the consumer

Green Projects

Be the main online market place for alternative energy products accepting cryptocurrency

Market Place

FRED Energy Token is a custom asset on the Stellar (XLM) platform, Low fees, Fast transactions

Stellar Blockchain

The revolution and evolution of blockchain will be a game changer in many business sectors including energy

Blockchain Based

FRED Energy Tokens will have a real utility through the FRED Projects platform and ecosystem which will initially comprise of the marketplace and EV charge station usage

Utility Token

Our Projects

Token Sale funds will be used to implement our green energy projects

product images

EV Charging Stations
Project Energise

Project Energise will focus on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. The EV charging station market is currently emerging across the world and while the large corporates invest in main infrastructures, there is a need for smaller independants to fulfill niche segments. Building on Project Accelerate, we aim to implement EV charging stations to meet a growing demand of consumer needs now and for the future

The global electric vehicle infrastructure market is forecast to be worth $63 billion by 2025 and FRED Energy is looking to be part of this new ecosystem

product images

Electric Tuk-Tuks
Project Accellerate

Across Asia, Tuk-Tuk's are a popular method of transport but suffer from fuel efficiency and contribute to the local air pollution

Our objective is to partner with electric and solar Tuk-Tuk suppliers and purchase a number of vehicles to create brand exposure. Each vehicle will bear the FRED Energy logo and will target Tuk-Tuk taxi drivers located in city and tourist areas in Asia, namely Thailand, Vietnam and China and will set the stage for project Energise.

product images

FRED Energy Marketplace

We believe diversification will be the key to our success, our shop.fredenergy.org website will be a marketplace for all thing's alternative energy. Initially featuring our partners products, it will eventually include home and commercial EV chargers, solar panel systems, electric and solar tuk-tuks, consumer wind turbines and other related gadgets with payment options to include FRED Energy tokens and other cryptocurrencies along-side traditional methods

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Funding Research into
Energy Devices (FRED)

Many of the world's greatest inventions have been made by people who had little scientific expertise but developed their inventions through trial and error. Today, there are engineers, scientists and hobbyist inventors developing technologies that will one day change the way we generate, consume and store energy.

The greatest problem many of them face is the lack of resources or funds to fully realise their inventions and get them to market. Our aim is to collaborate with these technology developers and create partnerships by providing funding for projects that could change the energy system we know today


Q3 - 2018Coin blockchain Launch
roadmap image

Our first cryptocurrency FREDEnergy (FRED) was forked from the highly developed TurtleCoin using CryptoNote technology at its core, FREDEnergy coin (FRED) will be swapped for our new ERC20 Token which has the same name and ticker FRED

Q2 - 2019Pre Sale and IEO Token Sales Start, Old FREDEnergy Coin blockchain made redundant
roadmap image

Token Sale exchanges to be announced. The old FREDEnergy blockchain will be made redundant and old coins removed from trading

Q3 - 2019Token Sales End
roadmap image

Token sales will end and Tokens will become tradeable.

Q4 - 2019Create Partnerships/Legal Requirements Begin work on project Accelerate. Research locations for EV charging stations. App development. Online marketplace goes live
roadmap image

Overseas company formations and legal requirements will be completed. Project accelerate will begin and research into EV charging stations will commence. EV charging station app will be sourced or developed. Our online alternative energy marketplace will go live

Q1 - 2020Begin implementation of Tuk-Tuk charging stations
roadmap image

Implementation of Tuk-Tuk charging stations will begin. These will be long-term community hubs and offer great future potential for revenue

Q2 - 2020Project review. Source new EV locations and explore new developments
roadmap image

A complete project review will take place with research into new EV locations and other viable energy projects. This could also involve scoping for small solar farms where electricity costs are high

Q4 - 2020Begin implementation of identified EV charging station models
roadmap image

Implementation of further EV charging stations that have been identified as long-term low-investment opportunities

Token Distribution

FRED Energy is a standard ERC20 token on the Etherium network Max Supply 808,000,000

Advisory Board: 3%
Partners: 3%
Marketing: 5%
Project Reserve: 14%
Coin Swap: 6%
Token Sale: 57%
Founder: 6%
Team: 6%

We accept


You can purchase FRED Energy Tokens using Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin plus get 500 tokens per referral who purchases tokens

How will we use the funds raised?

Funds raised from Token Sales
will be allocated as follows;

Project Accelerate 10%
Project Energise 55%
Funding Research into Energy devices 20%
Shop.fredenergy 5%
Marketing (Airdrops, Bounties) 5%
Legal, Company incorporation fees 5%

About Us

The FRED Project aims to promote and facilitate greater adoption and generation of alternative energy by consumers and Fund Research into Energy Devices (FRED)

  • We aim to be recognized as a key player in green energy projects on the blockchain
  • Enter the EV charging station market via niche segments and increase market share
  • Aid in the acceleration of alternative energy usage and generation by the consumer
  • Be the main online market place for alternative energy products accepting cryptocurrency
  • Bring innovative energy saving and generation devices to the market

Our Team

Our team have a wide range of skills and experience in their respective fields
this will enable us to make a success of our campaign and projects
Do you have what it takes? email us

team member

Blockchain, Crypto & Green energy enthusiast, BSc Business Information Systems

Michael Josefsen Founder
team member

Growth hacker, Experienced Social Media Manager skilled in Java, Visual C#, Game Development. BTech Computer Science

Durgesh Kumar Marketing & Growth Specialist
team member

Published blockchain and crypto content writer, International Business and Marketing. Bachelor of Commerce, BCom Economics, International Business

Amrit Mirchandani Branding and Content Writer
team member

An experienced Graphic design professional and Community Manager..

Philipe Delvigne Creative Director & Community Manager
team member

Freelancer web developer, Blockchain Enthusiast, Coder

Amrendra Singh Rathore Web Developer, Coder
team member

Join Us, We are looking for team members to help make our project a success

You? Want to be part of an exciting project? Blockchain, Coders, Alt Energy Engineers, Advisors Team
team member

A highly experienced advisor and ICObench expert, Member of the Blockchain Advisory Council, Alliance of Blockchain Professionals, Blockchain Association of Africa and Bitnation Ambassador

Daryl Naidoo Advisor, Renewable energy expert
team member

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